Dog Friendly Trips at Browsholme

We are a family who have four dogs, a number which continuously seems to grow, much to Robert’s chagrin … So, here at Browsholme we know full well that a day out or a holiday wouldn’t be the same without man’s best friend! As you can imagine, over the past year, we have seen a […]

Camping in a Puddle vs. Glamping in the Woodland Glade

Happy first of April everyone! Now the days are getting longer (finally!) after what feels like the longest winter of-all-time, and we’re getting a bit more freedom – it’s time to start planning trips, because we deserve it. The first thing I think of when camping comes up in conversation, is not an entirely enjoyable […]

Temporary Closure

In response to guidance on Covid-19 controls the Hall and Gardens are closed to the public until further notice.  

“The grass is as high as an Elephant’s eye…”

The weather has been erratic this month. It has certainly rained but also been very, very hot. The best growing conditions which have resulted in a lush garden. The weeds have shot skywards, overwhelming certain beds.A job for another time, I am picking my battles. One battle, fought by Robert, is the wee beasties attacking […]

Help or Hindrance?

Help from the Family On Friday evening, at the local pub, my sister Amanda strolls in gleefully wagging her fingers. “I’ve been weeding!” she grins. Now, most people would be overjoyed to have help in the garden. Most people, but in this instance, not me. I had visions of freshly planted purchases floating down the […]

Say Hello

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