“The grass is as high as an Elephant’s eye…”

“The grass is as high as an Elephant’s eye…”

The weather has been erratic this month. It has certainly rained but also been very, very hot. The best growing conditions which have resulted in a lush garden. The weeds have shot skywards, overwhelming certain beds.A job for another time, I am picking my battles.

One battle, fought by Robert, is the wee beasties attacking his brassicas. He virtually leaps over the veg garden fence, grabs the bug spray and assumes a Wild Bill Hickok pose… shooting the caterpillars with no mercy whilst shouting “Barstid Barstid.” It hasn’t worked, there will be no sprouts this Christmas.


There is a magnificent blue Hydrangea, I think called Macrophylla Glory Blue. Robert wants cuttings taken. The rain has produced a quantity of fleshy growth, not quite suitable for cuttings. I will wait ’til September when the stems will be a little more woody, not to mention the cuttings drying out in the hot weather.


A project spanning a couple of years has been completed.This is the long border under the Yew Walk. At a rough guess I’d say it was 80 metres long..no mean feat. The 300 year old yews provide dense shade and suck the moisture from the soil. The ground was dry and fairly rubbish. After many months of diggers, drainage ( yes, there was one wet bit), top soil, mulch and swearing, we now have a fertile semi-planted bed. Robert has sectioned it.. (aha.. don’t tempt me, when he leaves leaves all over… rant rant), into equal lengths with a central bed and mirror image beds going outwards from it. The plants are supposed to glow in the gloom, and they do, or will do in about two years from now.

The beautiful Hydrangea Paniculata is glowing now and catching the light from behind. Notice the Crocosmia behind. These are one of my least favourite plants and I have jettisoned hundreds of them. This clump had a reprieve and I am glad I relented….




I love a good makeover and the before and after photos of the little steps by the pond show a success. The aforementioned blue Hydrangea is vital and tempting. The makeover will spread all round the back of the pond… but not this month. 





Some people don’t like gardening.. this is a little paragraph to help the misguided. Called: ‘Things to do in the garden with a glass of wine in one hand’, mentioning no names of course. After the sun has gone over the yard arm, put a glass of wine in one hand and a pair of secateurs (or scissors) in the other.. slowly head for the Dahlias! It is important to dead head Dahlias to keep the blooms going for weeks to come ( notwithstanding puppies!! explanation later). ( PIC 1). The new flower heads on Dahlias are round, the spent flower heads are acorn shaped.It’s not all that obvious. ( PIC 2). Snip them off further down the stem above where the new buds are forming.Feel content, have another glass of wine and sit down and admire..

There are two new members of the family, Rowan and Sabre, both 12 week old Spaniel puppies and a wrecking ball of a duo!! They decide upon the best plants to flatten and strew, obviously testing each theory many times.. Bru rolls his eyes and disowns and Cooper dreams of his youth and looks wistful and tolerant.. Meanwhile, having had a few more top ups, Robert is pruning the fence and Amanda is dead heading the flagpole!