Help or Hindrance?

Help or Hindrance?

Help from the Family

On Friday evening, at the local pub, my sister Amanda strolls in gleefully wagging her fingers. “I’ve been weeding!” she grins. Now, most people would be overjoyed to have help in the garden. Most people, but in this instance, not me. I had visions of freshly planted purchases floating down the stream! ( and that’s another gripe for another day..Robert throws weeds in the stream!). Gardening in Lancashire is hard enough at the best of times.

Amanda is good at many things but differentiating between plants is not one of them. Happily all was fine. Robert assured me she had been pulling out Himalayan Balsam which was growing down by the pods..and certainly not throwing them in the stream. Probably the one and only time that Robert prevented this! I suspect, and I think, hope, that this was a ‘once in five years weeding session’.

A Lancashire Drought

July is a dusty month in the garden. This year has had unusual weather. It’s been very, very dry, despite being Lancashire and Up North. I suspect times are changing and unusual weather patterns will become the norm.

In March Charlie, Robert and Roland planted hundreds of bare-rooted Beech saplings. These were to mark the edges of the paths in the Wilderness Garden. It didn’t rain, and it didn’t rain some more and the ground became badly cracked. We had to resort to filling a huge water tank from the lake and driving it up there. Many, many watering cans full later and more in hope than expectation….well, we lost a few. Inevitably.

Impending Projects

There are always many projects at Browsholme. Robert greets me at 8.30 on a working morning with his hands clasped firmly in front of him and sporting a firm, expectant smile. This means:- Follow me round the whole garden whilst I wave my arms about and have ideas which I will fire at you.

We do this and then return to base. It is fortunate that, both of us being a certain age which embraces absent mindedness, we have both forgotten most of it by the end! I therefore just get on with what I was going to do anyway, Robert is pleased that something has been done which may or may not have been his idea and on his ‘to do’ list, and Amanda and the dogs waft through on their way to the lake for a walk. She happy in the knowledge that she has done her bit whilst Bru and Cooper discuss the abundance of Equisetum Arvense and powdery mildew on the Centaurea Montana…. to be tackled later.


July 2019