Family Tree

Family Tree


55In 1381, John of Gaunt granted to Edmund de Alkincotes the employ of ‘le Parker’ of Radholme Laund within the deerpark of the Forest of Bowland. The origin of the family tree can be traced back to his grandfather Peter de Alkincotes. Some genealogists go further back to suggest a connection to the descendants of Edward I; but the creation of ‘le Parker’ in the late 14th C is sound foundation for this Parker family tree.

In 1490 or thereabouts, Robert bought the leasehold of the vaccaries of Browsholme and Waddington from the crown and probably built the first dwellings for the family at Over and Nether Browsholme. From this period the family tree has been well documented, certainly for the eldest children of each generation.  For the younger members and girls who have married, much less is known. Many of these moved to other parts of the country and to the America’s and beyond.

In 1688 Robert Parker, the second son of Thomas Parker of Browsholme, bought Alkincoats Hall near Colne and founded a distinct branch of the family tree with direct lineage to Robert & Amanda Parker today.

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Another important family tree is the antecedents of Col Robert Parker. He died a bachelor in 1975, leaving Browsholme to his 4th cousin and godson Robert the current owner.

Robert Parker and Copper the dog

American connection

William Parker (1560-1631), Archdeacon of Cornwall married, Joan Panchard (m.1589) and they had two sons the elder being James Parker. James Parker (1590-1672) the eldest son of William, married Katherine Buller, of Shillington, Cornwall, on 12th December 1616; Richard was the ninth child and the fourteenth son of this marriage that produced twenty-one children! Richard Parker (1630 Ç1677, the ÄemigrantÅ) emigrated to the Colony of Virginia, arriving in Nasemond County in 1647 it is said due to a price being put on his head by Oliver Cromwell for his support of Charles I and the royalist army

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