The Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn

The Tithe Barn, has early 18th C origins and was built at the entrance to the stable yard of Browsholme Hall for the purpose of storing agricultural produce from the family estates and beyond. In the late 19th C it suffered from a fire and then used until 2008 for dairy production and winter cattle housing, comprising milking shippons with hay loft above. At that time Robert and Amanda Parker made a bold decision to invest in modern farm buildings to safeguard the future of farming at Browsholme, thereby releasing these Grade II listed buildings for another use.

Reluctant to develop for residential or holiday accommodation, which would irrevocably change the rural nature of historic location it was decided to enhance Browsholme as a cultural and tourist attraction for visitors. Building work was completed in 2009 and has made a flexible venue for events in association with the Hall  including as a:

View of Tithe Barn through the treesBrowsholme Hall Tearooms Outside Seating
The Tithe Barn PantomimeCooking demonstration Tithe Barn

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