April Tree Planting

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As part of the Queen’s Green Canopy for her jubilee year we have invited all our 2022 couples to come and plant a tree to commemorate their wedding with us here. With months of meticulous behind-the-scenes planning, Robert’s vision for a new woodland garden is now in the beginnings of realisation, and fully underway!

On Sunday the Parker team (Robert, Amanda, Eleanor, Ben, Roland and Aurora) gathered in the courtyard at the Tithe Barn with 25 lovely couples, parents, dogs and many, many spades. In teams, each family member (acting supervisor!) was handed a rather incomprehensible map by Robert, understood at least by him, and set out navigating everyone to their individually numbered and labelled spot. Which, despite an initial recce by all aforementioned family members, was still met with cries of “where is number 43 again??” – so thank you for bearing with us everyone!

What a fantastic afternoon it was! Cherry trees, Maples, Birch, Magnolias and more were all put in the ground, fertilized, watered, staked straight, and lovingly guarded from any chancing woodland critters hoping to nibble on some tasty leaves on their way past.

We cannot thank everyone enough for coming, it was wonderful to see so many of you – all part of the Browsholme story, inevitably created as each day passes. We’re passionate about sustainability here at Browsholme, and this is one of our ways of contributing to a more sustainable world – for every wedding, there’s a tree!

Autumn is the next 'prime planting' season when we will be doing two more planting days, otherwise we certainly don’t plan to stop with just 2022, and are now looking forward to planning a similar venture with our 2023 couples to come and mark their special day here too. We love trees!!

by Eleanor Parker

Apr 27, 2022

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