Camping in a Puddle vs. Glamping in the Woodland Glade

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Happy first of April everyone! Now the days are getting longer (finally!) after what feels like the longest winter of-all-time, and we’re getting a bit more freedom – it’s time to start planning trips, because we deserve it.

The first thing I think of when camping comes up in conversation, is not an entirely enjoyable memory… but it was a bit of a life lesson… Once I was wild camping in the fells while walking the Witches Way and, having pitched my tent after covering a decent distance that day, fell fast asleep. So asleep in fact that I didn’t wake up in the night to hear the torrential rain, SO asleep – that when I woke up, I found myself, my clothes, and my tent to be under an inch of water … In my tired delirium the night before I had set up camp not only in a miniature hollow in the hills, but also on top of a patch of bright green moss. Never do this.

Everything was wet. It was so bleak I wasn’t even angry. Just wet.

So now, if I get the chance, I glamp. Under a roof, in a bed, with a toilet, and a place to make breakfast, but most of all – no chance of waking up under an inch of water EVER again.

The Woodland Glade at Browsholme Hall is one of the top glamping sites in Lancashire, made up of 10 Bijou Lodges that have everything you need under one roof. You can go out and enjoy nature but have a cosy and homely base to come back to.

The perks? You can enjoy an active holiday knowing that you can come home to a private, hot shower. Your dog can stay with you in the lodge, and it won’t be trying to get into your sleeping bag at 2am. You have a kitchenette, so there’s no chance of your food getting squished in a miscellaneous bag. WiFi allows you to connect to the outside world and share your experience round the blazing firepits, while snuggled up in blankets, toasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate.

You go to sleep in nature, and you wake up in nature in our glamping pods.


Glamping in the Woodland Glade

Apr 01, 2021


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