“Come on Yorkshire’: Colonel Parker's Cry Rallies Men

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Extract from the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times, October 27th 1944

Watching his former battalion putting in an attack during the Battle of Breville in Normandy, Colonel Robert. G Parker of Browsholme Hall saw his successor killed and immediately ran over to lead his men. For this action and subsequent gallantry, he has been awarded the Distinguished Service Order [for Gallantry in Normandy.]

Colonel Robert Parker is the only son of the late Col J.W.R Parker C.B, D.L, J.P, F.S.A who died in 1938. Aged 44 years he was educated at Bradfield and Sandhurst and received his commission in 1919. Later he proceeded with his regiment to India, where he was aid-de-camp to Lord Lyttleton, the Viceroy. After his return from India Colonel Robert spent several months with a Russian family in order to learn the language, which served him in good stead when he was appointed to be one of a military mission which visited Moscow.

When the war broke out Colonel Parker was attached to the War Office, but he proceeded overseas to France with his regiment. After being engaged in severe fighting he made his way back to Dunkirk with the remnants of his men. En-route he was fortunate to find a little French shop which had escaped destruction, and he bought up the entire stock of chocolate. This the only food he and his men had for some time.

Until shortly before the invasion of Normandy, Colonel Parker commanded the 12th Battalion (Yorkshire) Parachute Regiment. He went to France on D Day as deputy commander of an airborne brigade.

The Citation says:

“ With the utmost gallantry and complete disregard for his own safety Col Parker led his men on. By this time he himself was wounded, was in great pain and suffering from loss of blood. On capture of the objective the battalion was subjected to the heaviest mortar bombardment.’ Col Parker was everywhere cheering the men on, encouraging them and reorganizing for defence. When the battle was at its height he ran around the village with cries of ‘Come on Yorkshire"

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Col RG Parker Receiving DSO from Field Marshall Montgomery
Col RG Parker Receiving DSO from Field Marshall Montgomery
Extract from the Clitheroe Advertiser 1944
Extract from the Clitheroe Advertiser 1944

Clitheroe Advertiser & Times, October 27th, 1944

Jul 28, 2023

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