Ghostly Goings On at Browsholme

Ghost horse

One of the most common questions asked when you live or work at Browsholme is: do you not get scared? Or slight variants on the theme – are there any ghosts?

The most common answer is generally … no ... well maybe sometimes!

Ask any of the family or team, and they’ll say there are no ghosts at Browsholme, or simply that it doesn’t have that creepy feel about it. Which I suppose is a good thing, as who really wants to live in a house where there’s a chance your vengeful great, great, great, great Auntie’s cousin, thrice removed, is after you while you are asleep in her bed! Likewise for a parent, ‘ghostly’ bed time stories are not likely to lull their children to sleep in this ancient Hall, of dark shadowy corners, creaky doors and cobwebby attics - that might hide any manner of ghoul, or ghost.

However, in the spirit of this time of year and indeed, Halloween, we do have an odd tale at Browsholme – this one based on a true story. Our John Parker, infamous for his ability to drink and his mischievous capers, once took it upon himself to ride his white horse through the Front Hall and up the main staircase (dragging in the sort of mud I imagine that would have got us all a good telling off from Adele!). Since his death, legend has it that his ghostly form - still mounted upon his steed - roams the stairwell and front lawn. Indeed, an oil painting of this unfortunate animal still hangs on the staircase and is said to be seen (and heard) when the weather is particularly stormy.

This all might seems light-hearted and tame but trust me – when you’re eight years old and have an imagination like I do, and you peek out the window from behind your blinds in the dead of night because something feels odd, stories like that keep you awake a little longer than you might like!

by Eleanor (with input from Robert, Linda, Anna and Lesley)

Oct 26, 2021

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