The Origins of Lancashire Day

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Happy Lancashire Day everyone! In a time where every day of the year seems to be dedicated to something; 'We Love Broccoli Day' is on March 22nd, 'International Lego Day' is on January 28th and 'Hug a Ginger Day' is on February 22nd, you might be forgiven for letting 'Lancashire Day' fly under your radar... but only just.

By now you've probably gathered that 27th November is Lancashire Day - hooray! But, why?

Well, on the 27th November in 1295 - yes, that long ago - King Edward I called the first elected representatives from Lancashire to Westminster to attend what became known as "The Model Parliament" (the first representative parliament).

It's somewhat mind boggling to think, that just over 700 years ago a couple of Lancastrians were making the incredibly long journey down to Westminster, a pilgrimage that is still being repeated to this day (although trains from Preston/Lancaster have made the journey slightly shorter nowadays). Given that it took the best part of a day to get from here (Browsholme) to Colne only a century ago, you can only imagine the length of time it would have taken to get to London! Weeks? Months?

Another fun fact for you, whilst Browsholme is famously the oldest family home in Lancashire, it wasn’t until 1974 under the border reforms that we at Browsholme found ourselves in Lancashire instead of Yorkshire. This means that there are rather a lot of white roses scattered about the Hall, but we can assure you, we, as the current occupants are red rose enthusiasts and proud Lancastrians!

by Eleanor Parker

Nov 24, 2022

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