Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

Energy & Resources

  •    All heating to the Hall & Tithe Barn is provided by ground source heat pump or wood chip biomass boiler.

The biomass boiler replaced both oil fired and gas boilers and most recently a 12KW electric boiler. All systems produce 100% of heating and hot water and we produce our own woodchip from our sustainable woodland.

  •   We reduce electrical and all energy demand through LED and intelligent automated control systems.
  •   We protect existing private water supply to maintain quality and reduce demand. The spring supply is constant but not plentiful, so our monitoring is integral to the smooth running of the supply to domestic and business occupiers on the estate
  •  Water butts at both the Hall and Tithe Barn collect rainwater for use in the gardens and for cleaning.
  • Dishwashers and machines are run when full and are water and energy efficient.
  • Sewage and some waste water goes into a septic tank, then to a stabilisation pond rich in wildlife.
  • Other waste water is used for cleaning outside areas

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