Management and Economy

Management and Economy

Our Consistency

  • We ensure sustainability is embedded in all that we do, our mission statement and policies thereby making a consistent approach to sustainability in all areas of   Browsholme Hall Estate.
  • We encourage our visitors to spend time and money in the local area
  • Our employment criteria includes locality and proximity to our business

Measurement & Transparency

  • Identify social, economic and environmental measures of sustainability at Browsholme Hall Estate and develop processes to capture information that will act as indicators of our sustainability.
  • Set improvement goals and measure our progress against these goals.
  • Publish information on our sustainability performance regularly.

Our Visitor Charter

You can download or view our Visitor Charter by clicking on this link Visitor Charter

Environmental Policies of our Principal Caterers

Our external caterers have strict policies, examples are shown below.

Twist Event Catering Ltd Sustainability Policy
Twelve and Twelve Event Management Sustainability Policy


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