Wood-Fired Pizzas

Wood-Fired Pizzas

An Introduction To Our Pizzas

For your perfect evening party why not try our delicious home-made pizzas, cooked in our huge wood-fired oven? All the theatre of rolling and firing are performed in front of you by our specialists in pizza making.

All of our artisan pizzas are cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients whilst you watch. Each one just takes over a minute from the rolling pin to your plate. Guests are encouraged to take a slice at a time rather than a whole pizza. This way they can return whenever they get peckish.

Please speak to us for advice on how many you will require. The minimum of 75 pizzas equates to 450 slices but please do account for any hungry guests!

Mouth-Watering Ingredients

Perfect thin, crispy bases topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni or a host of other ingredients. Let your taste buds guide you through the flavours. Sample different toppings and watch your guests get involved.

An Alternate Atmosphere

Situated in our sheltered courtyard, our pizza oven sits along side our sleek outdoor bar. The courtyard, with it’s own separate sound system, LED lighting, fire pits, tables and chairs, makes for a relaxed atmosphere; therefore perfect for your evening party!

Pizza Nights

If you and your partner would like to try our famous pizzas then why don’t you attend one of our Pizza Nights held between April – October? The event is on the first day of the month and features unlimited pizzas, welcome drinks and live entertainment. For more information about this please visit our What’s On page.

Download our Pizza Information for pricing.

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